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1st Dolphin Attunement Next Date

Saturday, July 8, 10 a.m. PT

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NOTE: Archie strongly encourages our podmates to refrain from alcohol or any other recreational drugs for 3 days before and after each Dolphin Attunement. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule — Dolphins don’t “do” rules. It’s a highly encouraged recommendation to ensure you’re fully present to receive Dolphin’s sacred gift.

In the days and/or weeks leading up to your Dolphin Attunement, it’s beneficial to do something every day that will bring you into connection with the dolphins. The most important thing is to listen to Shay’s Opening to Dolphin Energy Meditation HERE and meet your dolphin spirit guide. Do this at least once — more often is better!

In addition, anything that brings the dolphin frequency into your heart, mind, body and life in these coming days will be beneficial. Here are some suggestions:

  • Meditate with your dolphin spirit guide.
  • Read Shay’s book, Dolphin Love… from Sea to Land, which describes her profound 7-year journey with the Dolphin Consciousness that gave birth to these Dolphin Attunements.
  • Watch Youtube videos of wild dolphins. There are many good ones. Click HERE for one of our favorites.
  • Listen to dolphin music or dolphin sounds.
  • Relax in a warm salt bath and call in the energy of the ocean and the dolphins.
  • Move your body with gentle dance or yoga to loosen, relax, and open to receive.

If you’ve signed up just shortly before the Attunement, don’t stress over any of this, but do listen to Shay’s meditation and meet your dolphin spirit guide if you can.

On Dolphin Attunement Day


In the hours before our call, do things that support you in letting go of the outside world and coming into harmony and resonance with the Dolphin frequency. Just don’t get too relaxed and fall asleep when it’s time to call in! Set an alarm if you have to, just to be safe.

Clear Your Schedule

Give yourself as much open time and space as you can, both before and after the Attunement, so you can be fully present as your Attunement experience unfolds.

Create Sacred Space

Create your sacred space ahead of time in a place where you’ll be free of distractions. This may include candles, soft dolphin sounds, or music that relaxes you.

Prepare to Receive

Think about how best to receive and integrate the Attunement after we get off the Zoom call. Shay likes to lie down. Her body can deeply relax and let go in the lying down position. You do you, but give it some thought and prepare that space ahead of time so you can shift from computer to receiving spot when the Attunement Zoom call ends.

Soak It In

A few of our podmates enjoy receiving Attunement transmissions while soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salts. One even reported that she stayed in the bath receiving the transmission for over an hour, and the water never got cold!

Drink Attunement Water

Have a fresh new bottle of water in the room with you, to be charged with the Attunement energies. Label it “DA1” so that it’s clear that this is special water! And remember, this water is just for you. After your Attunement, drink a few ounces of this water daily for integration support.

We particularly recommend drinking a little bit before going to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning.  When the water gets low, you can add fresh purified water to the bottle, and ask the new water to take on the frequencies of the DA1 water. Let the bottle sit for an hour or two, then drink away!

Enjoy Optional Music

When we delivered the Dolphin Attunements in person, we always played Dolphin Dreams by Jonathan Goldman in the background. It’s lovely background music for this purpose. It’s also fine to receive in silence.

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