Pre-Dolphin Attunement Video Lessons

Watch these lessons to prepare for your 1st Dolphin Attunement. 

The Frequency of Joy

In this video, you’ll discover what we mean when we use the word Joy. It’s different than the emotion of joy that comes and goes. Shay leads you through a process to feel and know the difference between Joy and Happiness. And then she leads you through activating the field of the Frequency of JOY and guides you through a process using the Frequency of JOY magic circle as a transformational energy tool.

Lesson 2

Frequency of Joy Magic Circle

Welcome Circle:
Creating Unity-Community

In this video, you learn that creating Unity-Community is a foundational principle in this work. Shay and David demonstrate the witnessing process they use to welcome each podmate onto the call, creating deep connection among all gathered.

Lesson 3

Attunement Water

In this video, Shay demonstrates how to create Dolphin Attunement Water during your Dolphin Attunement transmission. She then talks about how to use the water to support your integration of the high, fine frequencies of your Dolphin Attunement.

Lesson 4

What to Know for Attunement Day

This is the nuts-and-bolts practical stuff you need to know to prepare for Attunement Day. Shay gives an overview of the flow of our time together and shares tips for preparation and integration of your Dolphin Attunement.

Lesson 5

Activate Your JOY Playshop

Here’s one more Bonus! This is an 80-minute deeper dive into the teaching of Joy from Dolphin’s perspective. Watching this is not a requirement before you receive your 1st Attunement; watch it when you can. After all, who doesn’t want more JOY? 

Lesson 6

Support Materials

Frequency of Joy Field Play

Frequencey of Joy Quick Reference

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