Dolphin Attunement Integration Tips


Congratulations on receiving your Dolphin Attunement. Whale Done! Archie (the Golden Spirit Dolphin David channels) has a message to share:

“Each Dolphin Attunement has its own nature… The attunements are taking place at a level beyond your current understanding, and beyond what can be conceptualized or put into words.”

Podmates sometimes ask us what they can expect to receive from the Dolphin Attunements, and how each attunement differs. The dolphins have steered us away from attempting to categorize, define, or label the attunements in any way. They are simply beyond our human mind’s ability to understand at this time.

Surrender and Trust

Beneficial abilities to cultivate along this journey are surrender and trust. Trust in the dolphins, and trust that the gift of their consciousness, joined with your human consciousness, will lead you to a higher quality of love and life.

The Dolphin Attunement Journey is “a gateway to the New Paradigm” — the New Earth.

Each podmate receives the same attunement. Your experience of receiving, integrating, and embodying the new frequencies will be entirely unique.

You’ll be integrating your Dolphin Attunement most potently during the first two weeks after you’ve received it.

You May Experience

Here are things you may experience as you integrate your Dolphin Attunement:

  • Profound JOY.
  • Altered states of consciousness — colors are brighter, images are sharper, air and water feel silkier. “The world feels different. I’m different.”
  • Higher highs and lower lows — you feel more.
  • Cleansing symptoms, such as fatigue, flu- or cold-like symptoms, or release of long-repressed strong emotions.
  • Deliciously empty mind: absence of thoughts, pure BEing.
  • Increased attention on self-nurturance and self-love. You are worthy. You are enough.

Ways to Help Integrate

Things you can do to help integrate the frequencies:

  • Drink your attunement water daily.
  • Drink lots of purified water. Adding lemon or lime juice helps to purify the body.
  • Activate the field of your Frequency of Joy Magic Circle at least once every day.
  • PLAY! Make play dates with friends and podmates!
  • Take walks in nature. Go barefoot. Hug a tree!
  • Take Epsom salt baths or salt water foot baths.
  • Get plenty of exercise; keep your body energy moving!
  • Sleep when you feel tired. It’s common to need more sleep than usual as you’re integrating an attunement.
  • Connect with your dolphin guide frequently, and give him/her assignments for the day!

We’ll close by sharing a wonderful word Dolphin created:


Integrate with grace. Isn’t that great!? The dolphins love to play with our language.

Remember: Dolphin will be with you every step along the way on your magical inner Dolphin journey — both your personal dolphin spirit guide(s), and the vast Dolphin Consciousness. We’re holding sacred space for you, too, and cheering you on!

Thank you again for receiving your Dolphin Attunement.

Thank you for your loving presence in our pod.

We appreciate you!

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