Inner Child & Baby Spirit Dolphin Meditation

In our work for and with humanity, Dolphin tells us that Joy is not a place to “get to” … it’s the place to “start from!”

There’s a prerequisite for truly experiencing Joy: Safety. In order for us humans to be truly joyful, we need to feel safe. That can be a challenge here on planet Earth!

Safety is a quality many of us aren’t consciously aware of as we go about our lives.

But the lack of safety, whether conscious or not, has a tremendous impact on the quality of our day-to-day human experience.

Our ability to feel safe in the world is very connected to our experiences of childhood, which we carry inside us now as our “inner child.”

Our meditation gift for you today will help your inner child feel safe, so you can too!

We hope this meditation supports you in a gentle, deep, and loving way to surrender even more deeply to Dolphin, to this journey, and to your beautiful, whole, sacred Self!

During this meditation, you may get a name for your baby dolphin spirit guide, although Shay doesn’t specifically guide you to do that.

We recommend listening to this meditation often, as many of our podmates do. You’ll notice the progress you’re making as you re-visit this meditation from time to time.

If you’re keeping a journal of your Dolphin Attunement experiences, write about how this meditation affects you.

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