Dolphin Heart Experience Graduation

Recorded 1/279/24

Such a sweet celebration we had! 

If you weren’t able to attend live, do make time to watch this and celebrate yourself for completing your Dolphin Heart Experience!

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Video Segments


Opening meditation, Playbook and Certificates and Linda reads Archie’s channeling about the 7th Dolphin Attunement.

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Mirror Work process: Witnessing and Receiving Yourself. Actually go to a mirror, get a mirror or open a meeting in Zoom and spotlight yourself so you can be looking at yourself as Linda leads you through the process. Sharing after the process and then a dance break to Jon Batiste’s song “Freedom.” 

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Honoring our new graduates. Coming attractions: previews of potential next steps with Dolphin Heart World.

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Archie, channeled live by David, brings his messages, teachings, and Q&A.

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Completion shares and closing song Celebration by Playing for Change.

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Audio Version

Listen to the audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

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