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Three Guiding Principles

As you strive to understand your right to give and receive abundance, in this your chosen lifetime, we offer you these 3 principles to be used as tools in tandem:

  1. Loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, starting with myself.
  2. Increased communication with All of Life, with respect.
  3. Self-responsibility for my life as a creative adventure. For it is through my choices and perceptions that I do, indeed, create my reality. I will discover that never have I been the victim, but always the creator.

— Dr. James Martin Peebles
Channeled by Summer Bacon;

These 3 Principles are the opening message in channelings by a beautiful spirit who entered our lives very early on in Linda’s dolphin journey.

Dr. James Martin Peebles is channeled by our friend and trance-medium, Summer Bacon. His teachings are very much in alignment with Dolphin’s teachings and we were guided to include his “3 Principles” as foundational principles of this Dolphin Heart Experience.

Like Dolphin teachings, they are simple truths. Yet in their simplicity, there is tremendous love, wisdom and layers upon layers of meaning. Explore these principles for yourself. Begin playing with them in your daily life. We’ll refer to them frequently during our time together


Qualities of Dolphin Consciousness

Who are the Dolphins and where are they leading us?

Qualities of Dolphin Consciousness you’re being attuned to…

  • Embody JOY
  • Unity/Community
  • Fluidity of Consciousness
  • Living and Creating in Flow
  • Fully in their strength and power
  • Fearlessness
  • Transparency
  • No Boundaries
  • Interacting with the world from the perspective of ENERGY
  • Curiosity/No Judgment
  • Present Moment Awareness — NO past, NO future, only the eternal NOW
  • Living from the Heart
    Full-Body Awareness
  • Telempathic/Holographic communication
  • Love is All There Is
  • Soul-to-soul eye contact
  • Dissolving the illusion of separation … we are ONE
  • Multidimensional awareness
  • Freedom
  • PLAY!
  • And so much more!!


Qualities of Dolphin Consciousness Self-Assessment

DHX Self-Assessment

This self-assessment is a tool to learn about yourself and to measure your growth and expansion along this Dolphin Heart Experience journey.

Please, please, please, to the best of your ability avoid the trap of descending into self-judgment or negative self-talk like “I’m not enough” or “I should be doing better” or “I need to be better.” That’s not what this is about and that would be counter-productive.

Dolphin loves you unconditionally as you are NOW, as you’ve always been, and as you always will be. We’re all gloriously unique! We grow in different areas, in different timing and in different ways that are suited to our soul’s evolution. View this assessment as a “Where I am now” benchmark and then let it go and enjoy the journey!

Where are you now as you travel this journey of Dolphin Consciousness?

  • Say each quality aloud.
  • Tune into yourself and allow a rating to come into your awareness from 0 to 5, with 0 being “not at all” and 5 being “I’m there!”
  • Notate your ratings.
  • Add them up for your total “score” in this moment.
  • Relax, let go, and open for more from our beloved Dolphin!

Qualities of Dolphin Consciousness you’re being attuned to:




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