Dolphin Living Skills Lab #2

Led 9/24/23

In this Lab session we dive deep into this month’s core skills: Play and Welcoming.

Remember: don’t just watch or listen to our Lab, experience it. When David leads the group through the Welcoming process, close your eyes and do the process exactly as you would if you were attending the class live. And when we do the Freeze Dance play, stand up and dance!

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Video Segments

We begin with opening shares and discussion. Lots to learn here!

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Focus on Play — Freeze Dance! The song we dance to is Voices from the Past by Gingko Garden.

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Deep Dive into Welcoming.

Please watch this whole segment at least once. After that, if you have a specific issue to Welcome and you want to jump to the part where David walks you through the process step-by-step, that starts at 57:48.


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Completion talk on Welcoming and the pod’s closing shares.


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Audio Version

Listen to the full audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

Welcoming Process
with David

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