Dolphin Living Skills Class #3

Recorded 10/13/23

Don’t just watch this video; experience it as though you’re with us live. When Shay says “close your eyes,” close your eyes and go through the process with us.

If you attended live or if you’ve already watched once, below are time stamps to jump to parts you may want to review:

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Video Segments

Opening song. Activating the Frequency of JOY. Intentions for the class.

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Review of Dolphin Living Skills 1 & 2.

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New teachings for this month: Increased Communication principle, Archie’s Golden Insight, O.W.L. — Observe, Welcome, Let Go.

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Introduction to Field Play.

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Field Play 1: Identity, Safety & Love.

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Field Play 2: Open, Expand, & Release.

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Homeplay and completion.

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