Dolphin Living Skills Lab #3

Led 10/18/23

Remember: don’t just watch or listen to our Lab, experience it. When David leads the group through a process, close your eyes and do the process exactly as you would if you were attending the class live. And when we dance, stand up and dance!

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Video Segments


We began with a brief meditation. Then we went around the circle for sharing and coaching, diving deep with each person, with lots of learnings and discoveries along the way.

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This was a brief review of the subjects covered in last week’s class:

  • The 3 Guiding Principles. The focus this month is “Increased Communication with All of Life, with Respect.”
  • Archie’s Golden Insight: What you’re Creating is more important than what you’re Clearing.
  • O.W.L.: Observe. Welcome. Let Go!

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Field Play! David leads us through a full experience of Field Plays 1 & 2.


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Podmates share their Field Play experiences and discoveries, and then we complete our lab.


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After the Lab was complete, several podmates stayed on and David gave a guided tour of our Community website.


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Audio Version

Listen to the full audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

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