Dolphin Living Skills Class #5

Recorded 12/8/23

Don’t just watch this video; experience it as though you’re with us live. When Linda says “close your eyes,” close your eyes and go through the process with us.

If you attended live, or if you’ve already watched once, there are links below the video to jump to specific parts of the class you’d like to review.

In this class, you learn 4 powerful processes that lead you deeper and deeper into the Flow of Love — within yourself, your relationships and your life.

Also on this page, there are audio recordings of Linda leading you through each of these processes.

Once you’ve watched the whole class and you fully understand each process, you can use these recordings to experience any of these processes whenever you feel guided to.

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Video Segments


Opening meditation. Opening Song. Our intentions for today’s class. 

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Review: the 3 Guiding Principles, and Archie’s Golden Insight. A deeper understanding of Clearing vs Creating.

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Applying Creating, Imagination, and Essence to the Flow of Love. Flow of Love: Field Activate! 

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The Flow of Love Field Play. 

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Mikey’s Poem, and a Quan Yin Channeling on Unity-Community.

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Mirror Work: Applying the Flow of Love to your most important relationship: Yourself!

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The flow of Love in Challenging Relationships. Teaching and closed-eye process. 

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Healing Your _Inner_ challenging relationship. 

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Homeplay Activities & Completion.

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