Dolphin Living Skills Lab #5

Led 12/17/23

Remember: don’t just watch or listen to our Lab, experience it. When David leads the group through a process or meditation, close your eyes and do the process exactly as you would if you were attending the class live.

In this lab, we dive deep into this month’s main focus: the Flow of Love. We do some of the same field plays we did in last week’s Class, with deep sharing and discussions.

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Video Segments


Opening and deep podmate shares: where you stand in learning the Dolphin Living Skills, what you have been receiving and how your lives are changing.

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Activating the Flow of Love

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Mirror Work: Applying the Flow of Love to your most important relationship: Yourself! David walks you through the process, then there are discussion and shares.


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Healing your Inner challenging relationship. Process, discussion and shares.


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Audio Version

Listen to the full audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

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