Dolphin Living Skills Class #6

Recorded 1/19/24

Don’t just watch this video; experience it as though you’re with us live. When Linda says “close your eyes,” close your eyes and go through the process with us.

If you attended live, or if you’ve already watched once, there are links below the video to jump to specific parts of the class you’d like to review.

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Video Segments


Opening song and meditation.

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Outcomes for today’s class. Review: the 3 Guiding Principles and Archie’s Golden Insight.

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What does abundance mean to you?

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Field Play: The Flow of Abundance. The human concept of abundance vs. Dolphin & Whale’s view of it. What is abundance; when you can’t hold on to anything?

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Receiving: Dolphin’s teachings on Giving & Receiving. Expanding your willingness, ability and capacity to receive. 

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Asking for help. Song and exercise. (We broke into small groups for this exercise. Watch to learn the exercise, then we invite you to try doing it with podmates or friends.)

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Money: Journal about your relationship with money. Being with physical money. Negative beliefs about money. Cleansing the energy of money. 

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Divine Blueprint of Money — Field Activate! Money ebbs and flows. When you receive money, either physical or digital: Cleanse, Clear, Bless, Multiply!

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Homeplay assignments and outcomes review.

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Closing song – “Abundance is Beautiful” by Beautiful Chorus.  Closing shares and completion.

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Audio Version

Listen to the audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

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