Dolphin Heart Experience


July 2023

We held this Q&A call for people to learn more about DHX and to ask questions.

Thank you to all the podmates who participated!

Listen to the Audio Version

Listen to the full audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

Some Themes We Covered

 1st 9 min 

We were welcomed by a HUGE pod of spirit dolphins as Shay led a meditation

 @ 23 min 

Shay and David spoke in-depth about the genesis and value of the Dolphin Living Skills we’ll be teaching

 @ 41 min 

We gave a short tour of the DolphinHeart.Community site, which is where all the videos, meditations, class recordings, and class materials will be located

 @ 45 min 

We talked about the non-Facebook community site that we’re looking forward to implementing very soon

 @ 1 hr 

Shay and Shirley demonstrated the sample Dolphin Living Skill the rest of the group did with a partner in breakouts

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