Dolphin Living Skills Lab #1

Led 8/23/23

We dove deep into the two fundamental skills we’re focusing on this month: the Frequency of Joy and Loving Allowance. We also introduced one more key skill for you to become conscious of and begin exploring and practicing: Observing Without Judgment. 

Don’t just watch this video; experience it as though you’re with us live. When David says “close your eyes,” close your eyes and go through the process with us.

The last part of the video is about exploring these skills with a partner in paired breakout groups. Zoom doesn’t record breakouts but you’ll learn a lot by watching the instructions and listening to the shares. If you weren’t able to attend live — or if you’d just like more practice — we encourage you to reach out to a podmate and arrange a time to facilitate each other through this process, following the instructions in the video.

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Video Segments

Beginning: Bringing in the dolphins and activating the field for the Frequency of Joy.

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Loving Allowance

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HomePlay poll and discussion.

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David walks you through the daily HomePlay mirror exercise.

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Introduction to Observing Without Judgment. We dive deep on this with discussion, questions and shares.

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How to apply Joy and Loving Allowance in a challenging situation. Discussion, coaching and practice. First internally, then with a partner in paired breakout groups. We encourage you to practice this on your own and ideally also with a podmate!

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Intro to paired process in breakouts.

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Shares after first round of breakouts.

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Shares after 2nd round of breakouts and completion.

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Audio Version

Listen to the full audio if you prefer or if it’s easier for you while driving etc.

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