Dolphin Heart Experience

— A Joyous Leap in Consciousness —

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We’re so excited to dive into this Dolphin Heart Experience (DHX) with you. Thank you for following your heart and saying YES to Dolphin’s call and invitation.

The Dolphin Heart Experience is a new blueprint for humanity — a new spiritual path — created by Dolphin to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness.

DHX plants and nurtures the seeds of a new society on Earth. It’s all about Love, Joy, Connection, and Freedom. We’re honored by your presence in this pod. Let’s do this!

Dolphin Heart Experience Has Three Parts

Part 1

7 Dolphin Attunements

The Dolphin Attunements are MAGIC. Each attunement builds on the one that came before. Each adds to the creation of a brand new you.

When you receive your 7th Dolphin Attunement, the merge of your human consciousness with an aspect of dolphin consciousness is complete. You emerge a new being on Earth, embodying a new quality of consciousness.

You’re still you. You’re an expanded version of you. There are new qualities, new possibilities, and new awarenesses available to you now.

Part 2

Dolphin Living Skills (DLS)

While the Dolphin Attunements are the SOUL of this program, the Dolphin Living Skills are the HEART.

The Dolphin Attunements are about Transcendence and Freedom. The Dolphin Living Skills are about our Humanity. The DLS curriculum addresses the challenges and opportunities you may face as you recreate your life and relationships in the context of the new paradigm the attunements bring to you.

The DLS lead to authenticity — the ability to walk your talk. You become a living, breathing embodiment and beacon of Love, Light, Inspiration, and Joy in your world.

We’ll have one in-depth, live Dolphin Skills Training each month, usually on the Friday after that month’s attunement.

Watch this 3-minute video of Shay and David talking about the genesis of the Dolphin Living Skills in their first Dolphin School in 2003.

How the Dolphin Living Skills Were Born

How the Dolphin Living Skills Were Born

Part 3


We’re committed to supporting you throughout your Dolphin Heart Experience. Dolphins don’t do things alone, and we don’t want you to feel alone at any point throughout your journey either.

The primary sources of support that are included in this program are:

Dolphin Energy Healing Circle — with Shay

These monthly healing circles will serve to facilitate the release of stuff the attunements bring up that no longer serve you, to ease your Dolphin Attunement integration journey.

Dolphin Living Skill Labs — with David

Bring your questions and life challenges to these calls to receive support and to practice that month’s living skill with podmates.


You’ll have a mini-pod that you’ll meet with (at least) once a month. By diving deep into connection with these podmates, you can become sources of support for one another.


Very soon we’ll have a non-Facebook community for you to share what you’re experiencing, ask questions, and connect with your beautiful podmates on this journey with you!

Dive Into Your Dolphin Heart Experience Here!

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