Meet Your Dolphin Spirit Guide

Opening to Dolphin Energy Meditations

Listening to these meditations frequently will greatly support you in preparing to receive the high, fine frequencies and consciousness of Dolphin.

They will also support you in creating a meaningful relationship with your dolphin guide. Our dolphin guides want us to consider them a new BFF (best friend forever)!

There are 3 tracks. Listen on this page or download and copy wherever’s most convenient for you.

The 1st track is a 12-minute introductory talk by Shay. It includes general tips for beginning and experienced meditators, and how to enter into an intimate and meaningful relationship with your dolphin spirit guide

Track 2 is a 25-minute dolphin energy meditation, during which you will meet your personal dolphin spirit guide. If you already have a dolphin guide, remain open! From time to time, new guides come to us. Particularly now that you’ve said yes to this journey — you’re entering into an even deeper relationship with the dolphins, and a new guide may appear for you.

Track 3 is a 15-minute “Dolphin Buzz” meditation that’s intended to be used when you don’t have a lot of time but would love a quick buzz of dolphin energy!

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